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37 Aile Koruma-Innovative Parental Phone Tracking Program For Parents To Keep Track Of Their Children’s Safety And Activities

With the children of today becoming more and more progressive and mobile technology evolving and expanding its reach beyond one’s imagination, it only makes sense for the parents to keep a track of what their kids are doing on their mobile. Since the internet revolution has blanketed the entire world and has been growing at a rapid pace in the last couple of decades, it has grown into having a deep dark side as well that parents must keep their kids away from.

Internet and mobile technology is highly useful, but if used inappropriately, it can turn out to be a negative influence as well. This is where the importance of keeping a check through the parental control software available at aile-koruma.com is essential. It would help the parents to know the GPS location of their kid, install keylogger on their phone, check their messaging systems, listen to their audio calls, and much more.

The basic idea of this is to not invade the privacy of the kids, but to actually ensure that they do not enter space they are not supposed to. This software would also help the parents to block certain sites from the browser, check the photos and videos taken, check the internet browsing history, inbound call blocking, IMEI follow up, and so on. The parents would be able to track the software remotely without the kids knowing about the software’s presence.

The company helps to use technology as a medium to use productively for the parents to keep a track on their children. It would ensure that the negative influence is not able to pose as a threat, and corrective measures are taken at the right time.


Aile Koruma is parental phone tracking program developed and offered by MSpy, which is a world renowned company, certified with KidSAFE. The company develops programs that helps the parents to keep a track of their kids and also helps the existing technologies to evolve gradually.

Contact the company by filling the contact form on the company’s site or visit https://aile-koruma.com/ for more details.

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Aile Koruma

Ebeveyn Kontrol Programı Telefon Takip Programı

Istanbul, Turkey


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