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7 Arthritis Research Advanced by Grants Funded through Tax Deductible Donations

CureArthritis.org has taken on the mission to provide funding for arthritis research through tax deductible donations offered to top charities across the United States. The organization supports the Arthritis National Research Foundation, which funds promising scientists in hope to discover better treatment options and, ultimately, a cure.

The Arthritis National Research Foundation was named as one of the best charities in the US by Charity Navigator for its transparency, efficiency, governance and success in research endeavors. Its main goal is to support scientists with an innovative approach in curing arthritis and similar autoimmune diseases.

CureArthritis.org is also an educational resource dedicated to arthritis, juvenile arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The website publishes news concerning the latest arthritis research, grants, funding, ways to take action and other connected topics. It also supports ANRF’s concern with juvenile arthritis and promotes charities for children that have had an impact.

Cure Arthritis supports medical innovation and benefits of third-party reviews for all of its activities. It offers a helping hand in selecting a children’s charity and directing one’s gift towards it. Through its actions, the organization has funded more than 225 scientists during its 4 decades of activity, with an average of 15 grants per year. As it focuses on juvenile arthritis too, it helps advance the research and get closer to new and more efficient treatment options for the approximately 300,000 diagnosed children.

The organization promotes the tax deductible donation as the most efficient means to fund research grants and fuel innovative arthritis research. ANRF guarantees that 91% of every donation goes directly to the research body, in order to make a real difference. Anyone who chooses to make a donation will be given a receipt. The website has also enabled “planned giving”, the method through which one can make a donation in a will, for example. Moreover, donors can opt for giving cars instead of money, thanks to the collaboration with Cars 2 Charities.

At CureArthritis.Org, visitors can read about the progress made so far and the medical innovations consequent to efficient arthritis research funding via charities.

About the company

CureArthritis.org represents the Arthritis National Research Foundation, which has been funding arthritis research for over 40 years. Based in California, the organization raises funds to provides research grants to scientists involved in understanding the cause of autoimmune diseases and their possible cures.

To find out more about how to make a donation, visit http://www.curearthritis.org/top-charities/ or call (800) 588-2873.

John Mayer
Arthritis National Research Foundation
Long Beach, California, USA


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