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68 BBK Direct UK Announces Massive Discounts on Wall Panels

BBK Direct UK, which is the main website for the company Worktops & Flooring UK Ltd, recently had a small meet at their office, where they announced some major offers and discounts on their collection of wall panels through a press statement. The management has promised major surprises for many products in their current range.

BBK Direct UK has been a reliable website for bathroom, bedroom and kitchen products, and the company sells to common customers and retailers alike. Worktops & Flooring UK Ltd is one of the most revered companies in home renovation and improvement industry and has been operating for more than a decade. In their recent press meet, the company has announced some major offers on shower wall panels.

The management also issued a statement, which read, “We strongly believe that wall panels are one of the best investments for contemporary homes, and we have been stocking some fantastic options for years now. As a small token of return for the immense love we have received, we want to share a few offers and discounts with customers. Our esteemed customers can get discounts anywhere between 5% and 25% on the retail prices. We are committed to excellent services, and we look forward to delivering all orders of the offer period on estimated time.”

The company also assured customers of more discounts in their statement. “Worktops & Flooring UK Ltd has always tried to offer the best prices, by reducing the cost of physical showrooms. Our savings are passed to the customers through discounts and product samples. In fact, we have been offering free samples for years now, so that our clients can make an informed choice. Besides bathroom wall panels, we also intend to provide products for kitchen and bathroom in days to come, and we hope to make announcements soon in this regard.”

BBK Direct UK has completed over 10, 000 successful orders with hundreds of installations in the last few years. For now, the offers on their shower panels seem to be a lucrative deal for customers.

About BBK Direct UK

BBK Direct UK is the primary website of Worktops & Flooring UK Ltd, which is the best supplier of goods for home renovation. With more than a decade in business, the company has managed to redefine quality standards in the UK for this industry and has more than 12,000 individual products in their collection.

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