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17 Extensive List of British and International Telephone Codes Available Online for Easy Searching

TelephoneCodes.net publishes the complete list of area dialing codes and phone numbers for the UK, also with international entries.

The websites hosts one of the most comprehensive lists to be found online. It allows any user to search telephone area codes and numbers without any registration or download needed. Anyone interested can look up geographical and non-geographical, virtual numbers, business numbers etc. All STD codes and special numbers are also available.

Telephone Codes provides a simple search function that allows users to quickly look for UK as well as international dialing codes. In addition, visitors may access a quick menu with telephone codes for business phone numbers in any city across Great Britain, such as Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff and Manchester.

Users in the United Kingdom wishing to call outside the country to any international destination can also access the resource and locate all the needed geographical codes, along with telephone numbers for various services. The listing has more benefits than these, however. It can be used to identify network-specific numbers. To find out to which network a certain number currently belongs, it isn’t enough to know the first two digits. The following sequence can reveal more about it.

The service is thus useful not only in searching phone numbers but also in knowing the network and how much one would have to pay for a call.

TelephoneCodes.net also hosts a Conference Call service, which only incurs a small fee from the user’s telecom provider. The website offers step by step instructions on how to identify call conference rooms, access these and ensure safe and efficient communications. The service is available 24/7 and can accommodate up to 50 participants. No booking in advance is required. The conference facility is free to use and can include international participants. Conferences can be recorded in HD and the recordings delivered to users upon request.

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Owned and operated by Global Mobile & Communications Ltd., TelephoneCodes.Net is a comprehensive resource of phone numbers and codes for the UK and the whole world, also providing a free conference feature with international application.

To know more about the service,visit telephonecodes.net/

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