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20 Home Security Company Offers Free Surveillance and Monitoring Systems to Eligible Sacramento Clients

CaliforniaHomeSecuritySystems.com has recently issued a promotional offer that guarantees a free security system for home use along with free connection to monitoring centers.

The offer is estimated at a value of $850 and includes a complete home security system, counting a wireless control panel with an illuminated keypad display, a high decibel siren, pet motion detector, motion detector and door contacts, along with a keychain remote for easy operation. The security system activation is also included in the offer. Clients can benefit of 24/7 national-standard monitoring services and a connection with emergency services (police, fire department, ambulance).

The home security company in Sacramento aims to protect Californian homes through more reliable, modern security solutions, thus lowering the crime risk in residential areas and not only. Its products are equally suitable to commercial and business uses. Every new client will benefit of a free risk assessment. In addition, homeowners installing security systems with ongoing monitoring can enjoy extra savings through reduced insurance premiums.

Being one of the top security companies in Sacramento and an authorized dealer, the provider offers recent technological solutions. Its extensive range of security systems includes advanced WiFi equipment for reliable, ongoing monitoring. The owner can engage or disengage the system remotely, using the provided keychain control. A quick response is ensured in case of emergency. Thus, children, pets or anyone vulnerable left at home can be effectively protected. The system connects instantly to local emergency services, in order to generate a prompt response.

Home Security Systems Sacramento are available for free for a limited period of time. The current offer is Internet exclusive and is subject to terms and conditions available to read on the company’s website.

About the company

CaliforniaHomeSecuritySystems.com works in partnership with leading nationwide monitoring services and offers home security system equipment to California residents.

To find out more, visit californiahomesecuritysystems.com/home-security-company-sacramento or call 877-893-5705.

John Mayer
Sacramento Home Security Systems


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