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10 Hugely Popular BBK Direct UK attracts leading brands to Expand Home Decor Range

At bbk-direct.uk.com shoppers can now find home improvement products made for bathroom, bedroom and kitchen use from leading brands on the market and at lower prices.

BBK-Direct UK is dedicated to identifying and selling high quality home décor items as well as home renovation materials at affordable prices. The company behind the website, Worktops & Flooring UK Ltd., has been supplying UK consumers directly and has been operating online for the last 5 years.

BBK-Direct delivers across the country, to a wide demographic, ensuring affordable prices and thus benefiting the public as well as the market. The company is keeping their overheads low as there are no showroom expenses.

Customers can browse a vast array of Kitchen Worktops from leading brands, made of various quality materials, to enhance the looks as well as the functionality of every kitchen. The range includes laminated worktops, composite, wooden, granite and quartz worktops and other solid surfaces of great aesthetic value and durability. In the same fashion, the supplier has created its Bathrooms Direct range – for accessible, functional and luxurious bathroom design. There are countless items, from simple to sophisticated products to enhance modern bathroom designs for example, moisture resistant worktops, paneling, shower units, screens, waterproof flooring, furniture and accessories.

BBK-Direct offers samples in order for buyers to make an informed decision thus eliminating the need for a showroom for viewing and testing the items or materials. Shoppers will find the same product from many brands, so they can choose the desired design, quality and price level.

In addition to the categories above, the online store offers the Bedrooms Direct products range, especially suitable to limited floorspace, with essential furniture, storage units, sliding doors and more. The products are manufactured and assembled in the UK – the guarantee that the final item is compliant with the British standards of quality.

BBK-Direct UK counts a total of more than 13,000 different products and has over 9,000 orders delivered so far. The supplier uses its mass buying power to keep the prices low for its customers.

About the company

Worktops & Flooring UK Ltd. has been providing quality assured products for home use and decoration for 10 years, with BBK-Direct.uk.com as its main retail website.

For more info on brand, products and delivery, call 0203 397 3998 or visit bbk-direct.uk.com

John Mayer
bbk direct
London, North Finchley, UK
0203 397 3998


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