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31 Multi-Jackpot System and Additional Bonuses through Referral Programs Available at Motobola Poker

Indonesia online gambling agent MotobolaPoker.Com advances new rewards for its members, including a new referral program, a multi-jackpot system and substantial bonuses. New members receive a 20% bonus upon sign-up.

At http://motobolapoker.com/register.php new users wishing to play online Domino and Poker can sign up and benefit of all the new rewards, including the above-mentioned 20% bonus. To register, users are required to provide personal data including bank account details. All information is encrypted using the latest and safest protocols. Members will then gain access to a private area to control their online experience and earnings.

The multi-jackpot system available at http://motobolapoker.com/jackpot.php is a complete novelty and promises to be rewarding. Members can follow multiple global jackpots available in the system and access much higher sums of money than before. For the first time in Indonesia, users can buy jackpots for prices starting at 100 Rupiah and earn tens of millions of Rupiahs at the VIP table. All the details as well as recent winners and their jackpots are visible on the page.

Motobola Poker also guarantees a 10% bonus for each new referral that joins the website, as part of its updated referral program. The registration process has three easy steps and is described on the website at http://motobolapoker.com/referral.php. In order to boost their earnings through this referral program, members are inspired to use links in forums, emails, as well as on social media to spread the word. To view they referrals and the total commission, members can log in to www.motobolapoker.com and access their account. Withdrawals are allowed every Thursday.

About the company

MotobolaPoker.com is a gambling agent based in Indonesia, facilitating online games against real opponents.

For extensive information on the current online gambling opportunities, go to http://motobolapoker.com/index.php.


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