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40 New Year Bonuses Announced at Motobola Indonesian Online Casino and Sports Bet Website

Motobola.com has announced its entire list of bonuses for the year that has just started. For anyone who has not signed up yet, there is a 20% bonus for every new sportsbook member and a 10% bonus for each new online casino account.

Users get an additional 10% bonus for each referral they bring to the site, to sign up for a new account. Besides these, there are also many other bonuses to be discovered on the website, for both new and existing users.

Motobola.com is a trusted and reliable online casino agent where users can create a personal account and play or place bets safely. All personal data is protected through encryption and members are required to provide their most recent details. The mentioned bonuses are given under certain circumstances and therefore it is important to read all the rules before signing up to claim a particular bonus. Not all users can qualify for the existing bonus policies, as the eligibility criteria can be strict to some.

The website announces a minimum deposit of RP. 100,000 and is continuously striving to improve users’ experience by enhancing safety and providing a flawless experience. Knowing that Asia gambling is very risky and finding a trusted agent is difficult, Motobola meets the demands of online players. The agent takes advantage of the growing trend of online gambling and poker playing, meeting the requirements of safety and reliability of players worldwide.

The website can be consulted for bank details and schedules, as well as any other related topic of concern. New visitors are required to complete a simple and short form to be able to register, start playing and be allowed to complete the cash withdrawal process. The website is complete with online betting and live scores in soccer. There is a strong fraud and irregularities policy active, meant to deter any scam attempts.

About the company

Motobola.Com is an online casino where users can play safely against real opponents and earn genuine cash, to be transferred to their bank accounts.

Read more about it at http://motobola.com.


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