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38 Segway Stockholm Airwheel-Experience The Best Of Stockholm In Just A Couple Of Hours Like Never Before

Segway Stockholm Airwheel is a company that helps the tourists to explore the city in a unique and eco-friendly way, without getting tired or spending a fortune. The company uses the latest Segway mode of transportation, which is easy and fun to use and thanks to its ultra sleek design – the tour group can travel through many different locations in a short span of time.

The average distance covered in the segwaystockholmairwheel.se is around 10 kilometres and the number of attractions covered is 39. This indicates that the tour, which costs just 50 Euro is completely worth the money. This is also a value for money package because the size of the tour is kept low at just 7 people to ensure that the personalised attention is provided to each and every person on tour.

visitstockholm.com/en/see–do/events/segway-stockholm-airwheel is a fun and exciting way to travel around this historic city, and hundreds of people choose this form of travel these days due to the convenient and eco-friendly mode of transport used. It is cost-effective as well as efficient at the same time, without compromising on the safety. The airwheel scooter used in the tour is legal for use in the city and are checked for safety and errors before being used in the tours.

It is not possible to check out as many locations as checked through this kind of tour. Thus, if you are looking to make the most of your time in the city, and ensure that you do not miss out on any important attractions, Segway Airwheel Stockholm City Tour is a good option.


Stockholm Travel Agency AB, which is a popular Swedish joint-stock company, owns the Segway Stockholm Airwheel Project. The company aims at offering a wide range of touristic services at affordable prices to make travelling and touring the Scandinavian countries a beautiful and affordable experience for the tourists.

Contact the company by calling at +46 764 22 65 49 or visit segwaystockholmairwheel.se for more details.

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Segway Stockholm Airwheel
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