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75 Super Good Stuff Launches 3 Natural Supplements for Muscle Relaxation, Kidney and Liver Health

Super Good Stuff, the US based formulator and manufacturer of top grade nutritional supplements, is proud to announce the launch of three natural supplements that boost muscle relaxation as well as kidney and liver health. The three products namely Neuromuscular Supplement, Care for Kidneys Supplement, and Liver Recharge Supplement are exclusively available on the company’s official website.

The Neuromuscular Support Supplement

The Neuromuscular Supplement has been formulated to provide neuromuscular support to people who constantly suffer from discomfort, muscle tightness, aching shoulders and lower back. Studies have shown that the supplement helps in relieving headaches, combating sleeplessness, dizziness, and fatigue. It also helps to prevent chronic gastrointestinal distress. Neuromuscular Support supplement from Super Good Stuff is particularly formulated to boost cortisol levels in the human brain and balance amino acids in the body.

Users have reported fast, noticeable results 12 to 15 minutes after taking the supplement. Most users of the supplement experienced overall comfort and muscle relaxation, better quality of sleep, increased flexibility, and ease of movement. Neuromuscular Support helps to alleviate discomforts and help people lead a better pain-free quality of life.

Care for Kidneys Supplement

Super Good Stuff’s Care for Kidneys Supplement provides optimal care for kidneys by promoting normal renal function. Cranberry juice has always been used to promote kidney and bladder health but unfortunately, it comes with added sugar that can ruin the user’s immune system. “Our Care for Kidneys product gives patients all the healthy benefits of cranberries without the added sugar found in other cranberry juice products,” says Keith Morey, the President of Super Good Stuff Research Inc.

The formula is made of nutrients and botanicals that are friendly to the urinary tract for better kidney and bladder health. The product is formulated to help people suffering from symptoms such as painful urination, back discomfort, frequent urge to urinate, urinary leakage, and an inability to completely empty the bladder.

Liver Recharge Supplement

This is a more enhanced version of a supplement formerly known as It Works! It basically provides vitamins for better liver health. It has been specifically formulated for people who lack trace mineral supplements in their diets causing their bodies to function at below-the-optimal levels. The problem of increasing deficiency in trace minerals is mainly due to poor dietary choices and modern farming or food manufacturing processes. Liver Recharge from Super Good Stuff is a trace mineral supplement formulated to provide a balanced diet and promote liver health.

About Super Good Stuff Research

Headquartered in Laguna Niguel, CA, Super Good Stuff has been formulating and manufacturing nutritional supplements for over 20 years. The company produces a wide range of high-quality vitamins and supplements to help consumers enjoy healthier lives. Their range of products includes adrenal support formula, bodybuilding DHEA, and supplements for joint support and natural relaxation. The President of Super Good Stuff Research, Keith Morey, is always developing innovative ways of combating different causes of illness. Thousands of people globally have benefitted from the company’s nutritional products and supplements.

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