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44 The Four Winds Energy Medicine School Launches Online Training Module

TheFourWinds.com has launched a training program that can be accessed online anywhere in the world, thus meeting the demands of a large public with an interest in self-discovery, development and healing, as well as in teaching energy medicine.

The educational portal allows students of any age to enroll, learn and practice to become an Energy Medicine Health Coach. The program, available at thefourwinds.com, can help one reach this level within only six months. The website offers extensive support and a welcoming virtual learning environment, complete with forums where students can interact and share their learning experience.

The Four Winds takes pride in being the world’s leading school of energy medicine for helping students discover “health, meaning and purpose” and sharing this with others as well. The school has campuses in Germany, Chile and the United States. The eclectic approach is a result of carefully curated traditional medicine and knowledge matched with recent scientific research, to offer solutions to contemporary ailments. The coach training program is now available anywhere in the world via internet connection.

Energy medicine involves ancient techniques including shamanic teachings and combines biology, science, nutrition and neuroscience with millennia-old traditions to heal the body, mind and spirit. In-depth training is now available to achieve a superior understanding and level of practice that can result in consistent, positive transformations within each individual. These are techniques for physical renewal and rejuvenation, mental clarity, emotional healing and well-being.

The Four Winds also organizes public classes and events such as workshops, public talks and even expeditions through exotic locations. Dr. Alberto Villoldo, the mastermind behind the curriculum, is the leading figure of the Four Winds Society, a New York Times best-selling author and creator of all events.

In over 25 years, the school has helped more than 10,000 students, many of these being doctors, scientists and nurses, along with psychologists and various kinds of therapists, who endeavor to advance their career and offer more to their clients and patients.

About the company

TheFourWinds.com is an Energy Medicine school which is based on Dr. PhD. Alberto Villoldo’s work and research, and is now offering online training.

For more details on the program please visit thefourwinds.com/energy-medicine-training

George Alexander
The Fourwinds Society
Coconut Grove


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