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11 Vapor-Fire, Technologically Advanced No-Venting Fake Fireplace Released

CustomFireplaceDesign.com , representing fireplace dealer and designer company CF + D, has revealed new solutions for fireplace lovers, replacing traditional installation with the much safer fake fireplace Vapor-Fire.

CustomFireplaceDesign.com presents Vapor-Fire as an innovation that lets one enjoy all the benefits of a real fireplace by installing a safe faux fireplace that does not require venting. The creation is based on technological breakthroughs that can successfully replace real fire and eliminate the risks and which can be remotely controlled. The only maintenance needed is refilling the water tank, in order to have the vapor effect. This can last up to 14 hours of uninterrupted burn time. The water containers are easy to replace as needed.

According to customers, an artificial fireplace is also much more convenient since it can be placed in a wider range of locations. The solution will not come in conflict with any existing laws and regulations and will allow for fireplace installation in locations that have not allowed it before.

CF + D Custom Fireplace Design manages to recreate the authentic experience with its advanced type known as the Vapor Fire faux fireplace, which does not require venting, generates no heat issues and eliminates all safety concerns. The installation is suitable to both residential and commercial use and is ideal for restaurants, hotels, pubs and more such applications.

Vapor-Fire stands out through its Halogen lighting and steam vapor mist, making for highly realistic fire effects. The company’s creative team can collaborate with customers in order to create unique designs that suit their taste and requirements. Anyone interested in custom made designs can view the gallery for a large number of contemporary creations.

CF + D also offers a range of built-in, wall and floor mounted fireplaces, as well as suspended types and custom made ones. Apart from these, the company also sells regular fireplace installations based on burning wood, gas or bio-ethanol for clients facing no restrictions. In additions, clients may order the acclaimed Focus, a modern fireplace based on Dominique Imbert’s original design – a suspended 60-degree pivoting fireplace.

About the company

CF + D is a reputable North American company in the field of custom design and fabrication of fake fireplace installations. In its 23 years of service, it has been creating unique fireplace designs for both commercial and residential spaces.

To find out more about ordering a custom made fireplace, call (866) 909 3070 or go to customfireplacedesign.com/faux-fireplace

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